Syrenaica Team


Co-Founder, Business and Marketing Director

Oscar was the mastermind behind Syrenaica. Gaming veteran, designer, charismatic entrepreneur and strategic planner. He founded Syrenaica on 2011 establishing a unique and intuitive vision for computer games as a true space of learning through user interaction and connectivity.
Oscar made his career at Electronic Arts on which he spent eight years working different franchises including “The Sims” for several platforms like consoles, PC and mobiles. First as an artist, and then later as a Development Director and Manager, providing leadership, motivation and true innovation through his ideas.
Oscar graduated magna cum laude from San Francisco State University as an Industrial Designer with a Major in 3D Arts and Digital Design. He also holds an MBA in Electronic Commerce from the same alma mater. After ten years living in San Francisco, CA, he went back to his home country, Chile to start Syrenaica, as he believes in the true passion of Chilean gaming professionals and the existing technical talent to plan, drive and conquer innovative supremacy in both current and upcoming projects.


Co-Founder, Financial Director

José Luis was the corporate and financial spinal cord of Syrenaica.
Business consultant, powerful bilingual negotiator with proven skills and experience in global business in diverse areas such as tech and retail products all around Canada, United States and Latin America.
José Luis started his career in Deutsche Bank and Falabella as a business analyst, and then as Brand and Product Manager for Entel, doing business strategies, localization and marketing campaigns for telemetry, GPS, SMS, mobile office and broadband solutions. Mr. Lavín could be defined as an avid tech geek with a sophisticated taste for gadgets and social applications, also an expert in exports through his experience on the wine industry.
José Luis graduated from Universidad de Los Andes in Business Administration.


Co-Founder, CTO

Milko was the technical leader of Syrenaica. Seasoned, savvy and passionate of Software Development and Videogames, he shared with us his innovative vision that allows Syrenaica to position become a major player in the entertainment and IT industry.
Milko began his career at Pragma Informática, developing computer systems for the Chilean Governement (MTT, Civil Registration), financial sector (ING) and retail companies (Falabella), where he served as an analyst and software architect. On game projects, he worked at Atakama Labs, where he applied his knowledge of web technologies, social networks and cloud computing to create highly scalable videogames and social apps.
Milko graduated as Computer Engineer with highest distinction from the University of Chile, where he also obtained a Master of Science degree. His technical skills, lectures given and years of experience developing systems for public and private sector made him a seasoned and mature asset for Syrenaica.


Lead Graphic Artist

Beatriz grew up looking and reading illustrated books, comics and watching cartoons and japanese animation on TV, and she decided she wanted to be able to do that as well. CHECK.
Interested in many other subjects, like math and science, Beatriz not only likes to draw, but she also has interests in design, web development, programming and writing. A true elite professional. CHECK
Beatriz studied Illustration at IP ARCOS, and has worked for several indie game developers as a character designer, illustrator and colorist, developing a tight relation based on friendly attitude and good communication with all her clients and co-workers. CHECK
The team feels proud of having her on board as an Art Director with talents many experts may consider “unnatural” or “unmatched” or plain outstanding. CHECK
Syrenaica loves Beatriz. CHECK


Lead Animator

As a lead animator at Syrenaica, Javier was in charge of giving life to the team’s inspired design and ideas, working on 2D animation, motion graphics and contributing to our game development process as a whole with ideas and input on art, story and gameplay.
Holding a BA in Communication and Audiovisual Arts from Palermo University in Buenos Aires, Javier was always exposed to the idea of parallel thinking and solution finding: if there isn’s a way, you make one! Scriptwriting, programming, sound design, video editing, filmmaking, set design, prop design and more all within his area of experience. Currently, aside from working in Syrenaica’s projects, he teaches to the eager animation and graphic design students at Duoc UC in Santiago, Chile.
Video game enthusiast, bilingual radio host, Star Trek fan, cat lover and loving husband.


Musician, Composer and Sound Effects Supervisor

With 3 years experience, Matias has worked with most videogame exponents in Chile, always delivering magnificent aural delights. His first musical forays were in the world of cinema with outstanding results, participating in many projects that made it to festivals around the world, leading to instances such as the “Short Film Corner” at Cannes in ’09, ’10’ ’13. His compositions have also been performed by prestigious musicians, such as Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra (FAMES)”


2D GUI Artist (Proud Intern on his way to success and leadership)

Being a passionate Designer and 2D Artist is one thing, but having the complete video game history with dates and names in your brain is another. That makes Fernando one of a kind.
He graduated from Graphic Design at AIEP in Chile and he was one of the proud 1st generation graduates from Syrenaica Academy’s Game Design Certificate. He proved himself as a leader to his team and instructors as he developed a wide variety of game prototypes, and then he achieved his first videogame by himself and independently.
Fernando is a problem solver you can trust, always available for urgent and crucial tasks, accountable, and with a much needed “do it now” attitude, competent on a variety of skills including concept art, sprite animation, GUI, pixel and vector art.
He loves to eat sweet stuff, read art, design and comic books, play video games and of course develop them, the one thing he loves the most.