The Company


Syrenaica was an Interactive Entertainment Software Company founded and located in Santiago, Chile.
Syrenaica develops, publishes and distributes interactive software globally for several platforms with emphasis on social networks.

We focus primarily on the development of casual and social games and apps, always having edutainment in mind; a dynamic and interactive mixture of entertainment and education on a global scale.

Syrenaica was founded on October 2011, by Oscar Contreras and Jose Luis Lavin, and its name relates to the ancient philosophical school of Cyrenaica. The Cyrenaics belived in the idea of intrinsic good coming from spiritual pleasure; happiness could be discovered through positively enjoyable sensations, but always keeping social responsibility as a higher value that encircles our search for it.

The company closed its doors on October 2013, and the founding team went to different companies.
This page is kept as a nostalgic reference of it’s existence. Soon to be deleted.