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Evilot Brings Anti-hero Puzzle Defense to iPad

Tower Defense Meets Match-three in Chilean Startup Syrenaica’s First Mobile Game SANTIAGO – MAY 15, 2013 – Chilean game developer Syrenaica today announced the launch of its first title, a game called Evilot. Combining the best elements of two popular genres, Evilot is a puzzle defense game where players command the forces of Count Dolfus, a retired evil mastermind whose brooding …

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Kickstarter Funded Puzzle Defense Game Evilot Launching May 15th

    SANTIAGO – MAY 07, 2013 – Chilean game developer Syrenaica today announces the upcoming launch of its first title, Evilot, on May 15th. A hybrid of two popular genres, Evilot is a puzzle defense game where players command the forces of Count Dolfus. He’s a somewhat-evil overlord who merely wants to retire in peace, but is forced to defend …

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Syrenaica Joins Start-Up Chile

We are pleased to announce that Syrenaica has been chosen among 1400 companies as one of the winners of Start-Up Chile, being granted equity free seed capital. A program targeted to help entrepreneurs with high business potential to develop their companies in Chile and project them globally. This marks a very important milestone for us and we are very …

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An Interview With Syrenaica: Creators of Evilot

(Source: The Gamers Challenge Thanks a lot! An Interview With Syrenaica, Creators of Evilot August 29th, In October 2011, Oscar Contreras (ex-EA employee who has worked on various franchises for the company, most notably The Sims) moved back to his native Chile and along with Jose Luis Lavin, formed Syrenaica.  Since then, the team have been working hard to …

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Oscar Message

Evilot: From Kickstarter to The Rest of the World

The entire team at Syrenaica wants to thank all the press coverage given unconditionally by many blogs and magazines around the globe. A very big applause from us. We are grateful.

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Evilot: The First chilean Game on Kickstarter aims for OUYA.

Source: Anne Heim, The Next Web (Thank you!) “Chilean firm Syrenaica is launching the first Kickstarter campaign for a Chilean game, the company announced today. Called Evilot, it will be a HTML5 app optimized for tablets and mobile devices. While the indie gaming startup’s ambition is to make Evilot available across multiple platforms, it is especially keen to offer it …

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IP Announcement for this week.

Syrenaica has been going through a transition process in order to find the right people to really build a game company able to pioneer the Chilean gaming industry on different markets. It was a long journey, not only to make a tight team, with the best people aboard, but also to develop and implement the right technology to create the …

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Charla de Videojuegos UGM

Bajo estas premisas, a Contreras no le vienen con cuentos. Sabe a cabalidad de qué se trata la industria en general en el mundo, y conoce ampliamente los intentos que comienzan a emerger en Chile. Por esto, y adoptando un tono medio “profético” -casi en broma, pero con verdades irrefutables- empieza a hablar sobre su mensaje, al que titula “La Firme v”, una especie de proclamación y/o manual, sobre la realidad del mercado, sus ventajas y vicios. Óscar Contreras no ha perdido las ganas ni el entusiasmo respecto a la cultura del videojuego como forma de vida; Por el contrario, ha enriquecido su perspectiva desarrollando una visión profundamente lúcida sobre el contexto en el que estamos incursionando. A continuación, reproduciremos las principales aristas consideradas por este destacado profesional:

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Megaproyecto de Videojuegos en Chile Necesita (spanish)

Nuevo Mega proyecto de Desarrollo de Videojuegos en Chile está en proceso de reclutamiento y evaluación de talento, para desarrollo de videojuegos en plataformas sociales, móviles y consolas.

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Santiago, Chile

Syrenaica: Sending a burst of light to the chilean gaming sector.

Syrenaica, a new game development startup has emerged from the growing chilean gaming sector, to drive a new culture of collaborative work and establishing a true base of innovation, driven towards the goal of conquering a global market.

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