Evilot: From Kickstarter to The Rest of the World

“I’m not here to sell Evilot. I’m here because Evilot needs to be…”

“The last couple of weeks have been an exciting roller coaster for everyone at Syrenaica.
We are very happy and grateful for the support given by many gaming and tech communities around the globe, with special mention to Linux and OUYA supporters.
When you make us feel we are doing the right thing, that really gives us much more strength and determination to finish our production cycle.
The support from our backers have been overwhelming. We want to personally thank each one of them for their kindness, their questions and valid suggestions.
We are having big momentum in our campaign, and while we have reached 44% of our funding goal, we know for sure there is still a long way to go. We are not calling for a Win.

The only things I can say at this moment, and on behalf of the entire team are:

  • There is an awesome adventure to be played by many on different platforms. Evilot is not just a simple tower defense like others you might have played before. It’s rich in gameplay and most important, it is fun. Otherwise we would have never embarked in this challenge in the first place. We have a genuine desire of doing something innovative with the power to involve the community and our potential players.
  • We are proud of the top notch and beautiful artwork that gives the right and consistent visuals to this game. We’ve reached the right mixture of eyecandy and gameplay.
  • Finally, there is an incredible and original soundtrack made by a very talented music composer. Composition that deserves to be performed by one of the most prestigious symphonic orchestras.

In short, Evilot deserves to be a better game if our future players really want. To have your players on your side is in my opinion the best jumpstart and blessing you can have for a games start-up. This is why we’ve tried Kickstarter.

I’m not here to sell Evilot. I’m here because Evilot needs to be, and it will be for YOU and because of YOU.
That’s the beauty of creating games independently.

We want to know what you think, your critics, your input and feedback. The first 50% of a project is “what we want to do”, the other 50% is “how we do it”, but you can change that “we” for an “us”.

I want to encourage the communities, gamers to support us. If you want to be our backer, it’ll mean the world to us.

Thank you very much!”

Oscar Contreras, CEO


The entire team at Syrenaica wants to thank all the press coverage given unconditionally by many blogs and magazines around the globe. A very big applause from us. We are grateful.

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