An Authentic “Evilution” in Puzzle/Defense Gaming

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Evilot is a defense game, where you play as Count Dolfus, a retired evil mastermind that just wants to spend his last days in peace. The problem is that the small retirement fund you’ve managed to amass, over decades of evildoing, is too tempting a prize for the heroes and adventurers running through the Kingdom of Evilot, so you’ll have prepare your defenses to withstand their fierce attack.

  • Challenging, fast-paced gameplay
  • Unique puzzle defense mechanics and level-up system
  • 50 levels across 5 diverse territories
  • 15 playable defender units and 5 special summons
  • Original orchestral soundtrack specially composed for Evilot
  • An authentic “evilution” in puzzle/defense gaming.

Evilot goes beyond the traditional “set it and forget it” defense mechanic with the addition of a puzzle-based level-up system. Place three units next to each other in a column or row and they combine to create a more powerful, leveled-up unit. Keep units tightly packed for more powerful upgrades, or spread them out for a weaker, but wider defensive spread. It’s a compelling twist on defense games that is easy to play, yet difficult to master.

Syrenaica is proud of setting a milestone to the growing Chilean games industry. Our brilliant internal music composer created such a beautiful and compelling game soundtrack for Evilot that we could not resist to take it to the next level. Thanks to our successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign we produced the first Chilean game OST professionally performed by the Macedonian Radio Symphonic Orchestra (Skopje/Macedonia)

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