IP Announcement for this week.

Syrenaica has been going through a transition process in order to find the right people to really build a game company able to pioneer the Chilean gaming industry on different markets.

It was a long journey, not only to make a tight team, with the best people aboard, but also to develop and implement the right technology to create the right mix of gameplay, great art and the right sound and music for our first and following projects.

Well, we did it! 😉

We now feel confident, proud and prepared to mention that starting this week we’ll be able to announce our first game project for multiple platforms.

We can finally come out from the dark, and show our Start-Up to the rest of the world.

Our dream is to create groundbreaking games through a culture of joy, a ritual that we want to convey to both our team and players. That’s has been our effort, our silence… To create a solid milestone, for what’s coming next.

Stay tuned.

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