Santiago, Chile

Syrenaica: Sending a burst of light to the chilean gaming sector.

Santiago, Chile

May 5th, 2010

Syrenaica, a new game development startup has emerged from the growing chilean gaming sector, to drive a new culture of collaborative work and establishing a true base of innovation, driven towards the goal of conquering a global market.

The difference? Not the place and not the money…it’s the brains.

Syrenaica is being co-founded by Oscar Contreras, a chilean gaming professional who spent the last ten years working in California on interactive software projects, and more specifically for Electronic Arts, Inc. on which he spent the last 8 years, first as an artist, and later as manager and director.

With more than ten succesful projects on his belt and selling hundreds of millions of dollars on each of them, Mr. Contreras has become the only national of Chile with that unprecedented background, a gaming veteran, a symbol of culture and best practices.

The idea of a designer, a businessman and a lawyer:

Syrenaica is also co-founded by Jose Luis Lavin, expert in exports and tech-business. Both gamers, both commited, and more important, believers in Syrenaica’s potential to convey a change in the tech business culture in Chile, driving a new concept: innovative supremacy.

Syrenaica is currently looking for the best professionals to join their ranks. The company is set to start its first project during the second half of 2010.

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